Baccarat Card Counting

Baccarat card counting is perfectly possible, though if you already count cards in other games, you may find the general methodology here to be a little different.

Card-counting, as always, is about estimating how many cards are left in play, and which cards they may be.  As a result, it’s a technique that is widely employed in games such as blackjack – though players can also count cards to their advantage.

While it’s a manoeuvre that’s widely frowned-upon by many physical casinos and establishments, it is a technique which is perfectly possible.

You can apply card-counting techniques to online baccarat games or to live dealer games – meaning that if you really get the hang of the main systems involved, you could be looking at making some serious money.

Baccarat Card-Counting Strategy

There are a number of different ways through which you can work this type of strategy to your advantage.  Here, however, we will be looking at the most basic baccarat card-counting strategy widely adopted.

There are other baccarat strategies too if you don’t want to get involved in card-counting.

If you’re already a baccarat player or know the rules by heart, we will cut straight to the chase.  Card-counting in this game revolves around discerning which of the two main bets will be most worthy of your chip. Make sure to check out the best baccarat odds before playing.

You can either bet on the banker or the player – though the latter has less chance of the house taking any money back, there may be circumstances where betting on the banker holds the most water.

Card-counting helps you to identify which bet has the advantage in any given game.  By counting cards, you will hopefully be able to discern where you’re more likely to make a profit, therefore boosting your profit potential.

How to Count Cards in Baccarat

Let’s look at how to count cards in baccarat from as straightforward an angle as possible.

  • Firstly, make sure you’re familiar with how to play baccarat and all of its potential risks and win margins.
  • Next, ensure you are playing from a fresh game, or shoe, offering six or eight decks.
  • Online emulations may be trickier to count from as they have a particular end – meaning that a live deal with a physical deck will be more applicable here.
  • Start your count at zero and remember the following system each time a card is dealt:
    • Count 1 if you’re dealt an ace, a 2 or a 3.
    • Count 2 if you’re dealt a 4.
    • Subtract 1 if you’re dealt a 5, a 7 or an 8.
    • Subtract 2 if you’re dealt a 6.
    • All cards worth 10 or higher (picture cards of Jack, Queen and King) mark no changes.
  • With this system in mind, you should then place your bet on the player if your count is at 16 or higher, and on the banker is your count is at 15 or lower. This system is the simplest way to count cards – though it doesn’t always mean that you’ll beat the house advantage.

Card Counting Baccarat

Card counting baccarat or elsewhere in the casino has its pros and its cons.  There are some schools of thought which suggest that knowing the advantage doesn’t really carry that much of a benefit.

Much of card-counting revolves around estimating when that baccarat natural – a 9 appearing in the first two cards dealt – is going to emerge.

However, without there being any extra bonuses waiting for the better in this regard, the jury is still out on whether or not it’s worth counting cards in this game at all.

However, it can often help to give you that little more of an edge over the house advantage.

Baccarat Card Counting System

This basic card counting system may not apply across the board.  Some live casinos offer EZ baccarat instead, meaning that there’s no extra commission on the dealer bet.

In these cases, simply opting for the dealer or banker bet is going to be worthwhile.

There are more advanced techniques out there if you’re feeling confident.  For now, however, it may be worth simply building your own system based on the basic model before you go too far down the rabbit hole!

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