Best High Stakes Casino

Are you ready to bet big and join the high rollers? Make the most out of your gaming experience by playing big to win bigger.

It can only be categorised as a high stakes casino on sites that allow large bets to be made.

But what exactly do you need to know about playing at the best high stakes casinos?

Find out everything you need to know before placing your bets at the best casinos for playing high stakes.

How to find the Best High Stakes Casino

In any online casino, players may look for high stake slots. Most of them are in a different group on the betting platform. Winning high stake slots will add more funding to your account.

Firstly, not all casinos are perfect for everyone. Some sites have limits in place that will restrict those looking to place large bets. Certain games and indeed slots will have boundaries in place.

For this reason, make sure you check any limits for casino and slot games alike in the terms and conditions. For example, some sites and live table games have maximum bets of £75,000 whilst others allow bets up to £250,000.

I’m sure you can agree these limits are more than satisfactory for most high rollers.

High Stakes Slots

There are many slot games on high stakes casino sites that allow you to bet a generous amount per spin. Progressive jackpot slot games will allow you to bet higher amounts.

This is usually correlated in the size of the jackpots available. Some reach over £1 million. Who wouldn’t love to walk away with that jackpot!

The appealing thing with high stakes slots is that they allow you the opportunity to win a considerable amount more than your stake. 

Look for slots with a higher RTP – Return to Player for the chance to win less frequent but more significant prizes. The amount you win depends on your belt size, the RTP and a combination on your winning spin.

Whilst some games carry a maximum prize value, staking a £10 spin on a game with a maximum coin win of 10,000x the bet amount would give you a single spin win of £100,000. Others carry a progressive jackpot.

Staking the max bet per spin will give you the opportunity to play for the bigger prizes and potentially that huge jackpot amount.

High Limit Roulette

Roulette is a highly popular game. Chances are most sites will have up to 20 different variations of the classic roulette game.

Roulette is perfect for the high rollers. With different features, settings and maximum bet amount, you can be sure to find something to suit your taste.

For those looking to play with bigger stakes, then you need to be looking at the live games. This will come with bigger bet options. Some high stake casinos could allow you to bet up to a £250,000 stake on high limit roulette.

Which casino game has the highest chance of winning?

Blackjack has the biggest chances of winning, with a house edge of 1% in most casinos. Also, you are playing against only the dealer and not hooded by other poker champions.

High Limit Blackjack Games

When it comes to high limit blackjack games, the dealer will take the lead. The RTP on blackjack is determined by the choices you make. But with high roller stakes – in some casinos you can bet up to a max of £5,000, you want to play with a good strategy.

Another bonus when it comes to playing high limit blackjack games is that when seated at the table, you can take advantage of playing side games on some high roller casino sites.

High Stakes Live Casino Tables

As we have mentioned, for those looking to play with higher stakes, you want it head to the live tables. Here you can find maximum bet options of up to £75,000. That should be more than enough to appeal to all high rollers.

With special bonuses for extra wins, side games and more, you can be sure to win with more chances to win big when you take a seat at a live high stakes casino game.

Best High Stakes Casinos on Mobile

You can rest knowing that you can play all your favourite casino games for high stakes on mobile. Most online casinos will be fully optimised for mobile play; however, not all apps are.

There are very few apps that will allow you to place high roller bets, and as such, you will be better access the main site via your mobile browser.

High Rollers Perks

Casinos can be very generous with their bonus packages. This applies even more so to high rollers. The more you spend, the better the perks become.

Think welcome bonuses, cashback offers, loyalty schemes and more to give you more playing action for your money. Access that all exclusive top VIP tier and you can land yourself some sweet deals.

High Roller Deposit Limits

One of the crucial aspects of a high stakes casino is the deposit limit.

Casinos that cater to high rollers will have a minimum deposit limit, usually £10. There won’t be a max deposit limit on some deposit methods, but some high stakes casinos may limit you to between £1,000 and £99,999 per deposit.

Check with the casino site you are looking to play with to see what daily and/or weekly limit they have and if this will allow you to play the high stakes you are looking for.

Better still, should you achieve Gold or Platinum VIP status, these limits will be removed, and you will then have the freedom to deposit; however much you choose.

What Else Should You Know About Playing at High Stakes Casinos?

  • The maximum stake per individual game should be shown in the game lobby. If you are in doubt, you can contact the customer service team via a contact form or live chat.
  • All games come with different max bet amounts. For bigger bets, look for video slots, progressive jackpot games or live casino table games. This will increase your betting allowance per game.
  • Becoming a VIP at the highest tier will remove any deposit limits – but check with your deposit method for limits outside of the casino’s jurisdiction.
  • High rollers are called ‘whales’ in high stakes casinos. This refers to the sheer volume of money they deposit and play with.

Remember: playing like a high roller should be for fun, and only with money you can afford to lose. The bigger the bet, the bigger the potential loss.

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