Best Online Slots

If you are new to the world of online slots gaming then you may be in for a shock when it comes to deciding which game to play. There are thousands of bookmakers, casinos and dedicated games sites, and tens of thousands of slots games to choose from.

So, how on earth do you know where to you start?

With so much variety to choose from it’s best to take it one step at a time. Like all forms of entertainment, slots games have titles like Immortal Romance that are more popular than others. The best online slot machines are the ones that are bright and colourful, easy to play and have superb bonuses.

A lot of these slot games have some recognisable aspect to them, so they might be branded with a TV show or classic film tie-in element.

Best UK Slot​​​​s Online

If you enjoy playing slots the traditional way then playing online isn’t all that different and you should get the same amount of enjoyment from it. The best UK slots are online and they offer the same richness of variety that a traditional amusement arcade would. There are some popular operating systems including the NetEnt slots software which power these games.

There is a good reason that slots are the most popular online game. They offer an instant thrill and pay out more than their traditional counterparts. Play against other people and test your stamina. The more you play, the more bonuses you get for returning, so you can play longer for less.

Top Slots Sites

The reason that online slots are so popular is the ease of play. Even if you’ve never played a slot machine in your life you can pick up the idea of the game in just a few minutes. The top slots sites will offer you a wide variety of gaming experiences and keep you coming back by offering fabulous bonuses and codes.

Want to play against the computer? That’s covered. Fancy pitting your wits against other players? The best online slots sites have that one nailed down. Weekly, daily, even hourly jackpots are your thing? The top slot sites have your back. You can even pay through a variety of methods including PayPal slots and many others.

There truly is something for everyone. If you can’t find it online then you don’t need it!

Best Slots to Play Online

So, what are the best slots to play online? Free gaming is always a good start! How about free spins or no deposit bonuses? Does your heart skip a beat when you are moments away from a life-changing jackpot win?

It’s all down to personal preference. Are classic three reel games your favourite, or do you enjoy the five reel video slot games even more? Most people tend to stick with a theme; the most popular games tend to have a movie tie-in theme. Other popular games are those that are colourful and amusing, or have a link to worldwide mythology.

The choice is yours. You are only limited by your imagination!

Best Slots Game

The best slots games to play online or those that grab you and won’t let go. If you choose a slot that has a theme based around something that you love already, chances are that will be the one for you. One of the most popular is Starburst slot game which many people enjoy.

Perhaps you like state-of-the-art graphics for a more immersive experience? Or do you play based on the amount of prize money that is available?  Many people believe that the best online slots are those which offer more of a challenge and offer greater rewards as a result.

Whatever genre you are interested in there is sure to be something that catches your eye. There are so many features to choose from that you are guaranteed to find the best slots game for you with no trouble at all. Happy spinning and good luck!

You have come to the right place to enjoy online slots, so look no further. We have all the information you need on the latest recommended list of slot sites. We have a growing Slots Directory with updated reviews and information. Our Directory contains all the leading slot sites within the UK.

What are Slots Sites?

In the simplest terms, it is online pages with a wealth of slot games you can choose from. When playing on slot sites you have the option to test the game by playing a demo version. When you feel that you are ready to play the reel game for real money then you are a step away. Most genuine slots sites authorized by the UK Gambling Commission.

Regulation of these sites helps ensure they remain legitimate to the consumer. Despite the robust efforts to make your time on these all sites safe and secure. Take caution of rogue websites seeking to get your personal details. They try to use this information for fraudulent activities by setting up fake slot sites. Protect yourself by playing on our list of recommended slot sites that are valid and legal.

Why Play Slots Online?

Slot Bonuses

There is a big advantage when playing online slots. Existing and new players have a variety of opportunities on a wide range of bonuses and rewards. When players choose one site over another the rewards and bonuses work as an incentive. This is available with the variety of sites we feature giving you a choice to select from.

For you to have an incredible experience the slot bonuses take different forms you can pick from. For example, from a no deposit bonus, to deposit matches, to bonus points. The choice is yours on what kind of bonus you pick as this only makes your online slot experience a valuable one.

Exceptional choice and variety

We live in a time when the online gaming industry is growing, creating more and new casinos online. There is a growing trend where new studios are now moving into the production of slot games. This growth gives slot players so many games they can to select from. With such an exceptional amount of choice not only in the range of games but there also is a varied selection on where to play.

The innovations taking place are driving slot games to come in thousands of forms to players. There are various amounts of themes often introduced one can choose to play in. It has made the game play very interesting for us as players with so much unlimited choice at our disposal.

Play on the go

With the advancement of technology, mobile slots have seen a fast-paced improvement. This has led the gaming experience offered to be of high-quality. Players now have to their disposal exclusive access to play on the tablets and mobile. A player is not confined to a computer anymore and can access slots at their convenience. This unrestrained access to high quality slots is the biggest drive to online slots. It is also driven by the growth of slot sites in the UK offering mobile gaming at an exceptional experience.

Enjoy a better RTP

RTP which stands for Return to Player, is the amount of money you get back from the bet you placed. It is also seen as the amount of money you will get back on average based on the bet placed. The RTP for slot games online is by large superior. This means that the money you put on slot sites will go further with better value than if you played on a slot machine.

What sort of online slots can I play?

We all have different gaming tastes so rest assured you will find an online slot that delivers. There is an increase in the number of online slot games making the variety available endless. The range of our growing recommended list features slot site games in all categories.

Classic slots

These are sometimes identified as the old-school slots. These classic slots exclude the “auto- spin” or the “reel stop” games. The model design based on the Las Vegas machine seen as the original with 1 payline and reels. Microgaming has Jackpot Express which maintains the classic slots with the traditional gameplay. Something that blends the classic and contemporary is Grand Spinn from NetEnt. These features will meet any player’s requirements and needs.

Pub slots

These slots are a version based on the classic slot that merges fruit machine features found in pubs. Some examples of the slot can include nudge and hold. Unfortunately, despite the slots remaining popular, not all casinos have them on-premises.

This is true especially for games like the Microgamings Couch Potato. The Scandinavian style slot game is another example of a pub slot. This game includes unique features and the nudge feature. An example is Super Nudge 6000 by NetEnt it has a bonus game that comes in the form of a Supermeter and two sets of reels.

Video Slots

This is a varied category used to describe most of the online slots we use today. Even though computerized, some of the slots use a lever in making the reels to spin. New studios are creating the 5 reel video slot games video slots that feature animation. Video slots like Easter Island, Thunderstruck, Explosivo, Starburst, and Esqueleto are popular games. And one can categorize these slot games like video slots.

Multiline slots

When a slot game has more than one payline it is a multiline game. And currently, most contemporary online slots available are multiline slots. Before you play a multiline slot ensure you are familiar with the regular version of slots. Multiline encompasses a category that has game styles with a wide range.

Multiline slots have a higher chance of winning because as you play you are covering more ground. Immortal Romance is a popular game you can test out the ways-to-win game. It is important to play with caution if you would like your bankroll to last.

With multiline slots, you will discover bonus rounds that some of the games have or wild symbols. Multiline slots add to the excitement for increased chances of winning a player has. A good slot game example of Megaways gameplay and payouts is Raging Rhino.

3D slots

The creation of 3D games has increased the rate at which the innovation of online slots is growing. The excitement is leading to the design of games, the artwork and the themes to new heights.

The quality at which the 3D slots are being produced is of such a high standard they rival the best video games. Slots by NetEnt such as Jack and Beanstalk and Gonzo Quest are the best 3D slot games and most popular. Another game that makes the mix is Microgaming’s Jurassic Park whos 3D look and feel is of an amazing level.

3d slots give players a more interactive experience compares to other slot games. The gameplays are more in-depth as they immerse players into storylines and characters. The experience with the sounds, animation, and enhanced graphics is 3D slots at its best.

Progressive jackpot slots

In progressive slots, the prize is in a central prize pool, the jackpot rises as players put money into the slot. Every losing spin results in a small percentage used and added to increase the jackpot money.

The jackpot has the potential to be life-changing for some of the players as it can grow to enormous amounts.

Players are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing slot games, as there are hundreds to enjoy from. A few examples of progressive slots are Ultimate Grill Thrills, Gods of Gold and Mega Fortune. These games have a huge attraction due to their functionality and themed attractions. The slots feature high-octane video slots, scatters, bonus rounds and gamble rounds.

Progressive slots do not have limits to what the total jackpot will be. It is all depended on the ultimate winner of the jackpot.

Flat top slots

When a slot has a limit on the maximum payout it’s considered a flat top. A lot of players can play before you, but the maximum jackpot remains the same. There are a few things that determine the payout on a flat top slot. These can be the number of paylines it has, the coin size and even how many coins per line a player can play.

A good example is NetEnt’s Emoji Planet slot and even the popular Plat of the Apes. Some flat top slots have video effects and are ultra-modern. This means they are not confined to the old-style reel machine like the game 7s and Stripes.

What is RTP and how does it work? RTP stands for Return to Player. This is the percentage amount a player can expect to get back to them over time of playing the game. For if you bet £1 a hundred times on a slot that has RTP at 90%, then based on that a player can expect to win about £90. In other words, RTP expresses the House Edge, if a game is at 90% RTP it has an effective House Edge of 10%.

Players should remember that the above is a theoretical calculation. An individuals wins or loses are not reflected in the RTP when playing a game. The reason for this is because the

outcome of any spin is not influenced or predicted. The outcome gets produced by a random number generator (RNG).

Major jackpots get excluded from RTP. Making a player’s experience to either be lower or higher as compared to the theoretical rate.

Shown below is the RTP of most popular slots:

Is it safe to play online slots?

Individuals playing for the first time will have reservations and feel hesitant. This is understandable and driven by curiosity on whether it is secure and safe to play them. Exercising caution is the right attitude to have when we use online platforms. We have put together clear and defined steps one can take to protect themselves. This will ensure you are safe and secure when you are playing slots online.

Only play at regulated sites

It’s important to guarantee you play slot games on accredited and safe websites. The accredited has to be by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The role of this government body is to regulate all forms of online gambling taking place in the UK.

The sites we review and recommend are UKGC approved. But as a player, you can check if a site is legitimate by noting the registration number. Some websites place the number on the About page or the footer of the website. You can enter this number on the UKGC website to verify if a site has accreditation and accepts UK players.

Avoid websites that are not accredited to ensure your details are safe. We only recommend accredited slot sites by the UK Gambling Commission.

We do also feature reputable online gaming sites operated out of the jurisdiction. Some are the Malta Gambling Authority, or the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These sites provide safe and secure gaming for players as they are always regulated. So, you can feel safe playing on these online slot games under these jurisdictions.

The sites we feature have their games audited independently and fully tested. Third parties undertake the task of auditing them and examples of these are, TST, IGL or eCorga. These companies work on the certifying operation of games. They also ensure all information is available for players to check.

Safe and secure payments methods

The main concern players have is making online payments on a secure site. And this is why we give players the options to choose from our recommended online slot sites. These sites provide players with secure banking options to choose from.

The majority of the sites we feature enable players to pay with PayPal, Paysafe Card and option to Pay By Phone. You can choose to Pay By Phone where the deposit is either added
or deducted. This comes from either your pre-paid balance or monthly bill. These methods have an advantage, as players avoid sharing financial or personal details.

Players using these payment methods reduce the risk of having their identities stolen. It also reduces the risk of players getting hacked as your vital information is not used or stored.

Problem gambling policies

Most of the sites on our featured list allow players to post limits on the deposits they make. The limits can either be a daily limit, weekly limit or monthly limit. Some sites offer a voluntary option for players to lock themselves out of their accounts. Players can choose how long the lockout should last for. And it is a very important factor when we are recommending online casinos to our players. It is vital for online casinos to have accessible and clear policies set in place to tackle problem gambling.

We recognize some players may need help keeping their playing habits under control. We want players’ experience with online slots to be enjoyable and also exciting for them. It is the reason why we have gone out of our way to ensure all our featured sites have these mechanisms in place. This, in the end, will make your experience a positive one.

How to choose a slots site

With the number of slot sites increasing it can be a daunting task finding the best site that suits your needs. The first step would be for a player to determine if the site is an authorized site and legitimate. The next step would look at the games offered, the quality of bonuses, and the level of customer service. Another criterion would look at how fast transaction processing takes.

The other option would let us do all that for you, meaning less effort in finding your favourite slot site. The best slot sites that we recommend have undergone strict and rigorous tests. When we feature a site our team has searched, tested and analysed the slot sites to pass them.

Slot sites featured on our recommendation list deliver the positive experience wanted. Each slot site is generous with its bonuses, it is legal, honest and secure.

How we chose the best slot sites

We know how difficult it is to keep track of such an industry growing at a fast pace. But worry yourself not. Our experts take various slot sites and they all undergo strict testing. This is to ensure we provide a large and wide-ranging list for our players.

To determine the quality of the slot sites available to you, we analyse several resources. These range from online research and the reviews left by genuine players.

Recommended sites that make it to as part of our exclusive list provide a varied selection of games. They provide top-class gameplay and the slot bonuses are top-notch. The exclusive site list comes with customer support that is of a quality standard.

On a daily basis, our team of experts works often in ensuring the list is up to date. Players can check the list often.

Tips to maximise your online slot site experience

We are very aware that all players have different requirements when playing slots. And like the various slot sites out there that have their own positives and negatives. There are steps players can look at that can provide the best experience for them:

1. Play progressive jackpot slots. To get the opportunity of winning a cash prize amount that is life-changing with one spin. Players get that by playing Progressive Jackpot slots. This dynamic slot increases in value until the moment a player decides to cash out. Progressive jackpots very often can reach millions, changing someone’s life to a millionaire.

2. Check the site’s terms and conditions. It is important for any player to take time and read the fine print on slot sites before accepting any bonuses. Important elements you need to scrutinize are the games contribution of slots, the wagering requirement, is there a minimum payment or deposit method required, and how long the bonus stays valid. To
avoid time-wasting, it is important the terms and conditions covered. And its best to do that before signing up, this ensures if you are happy to continue or not with that site.

3. Keep an eye out for promotions and events. Promotions and events are an opportunity for you to try a reel game with free spins. This free spin usually allows players to keep their winnings. Keep an eye out for these free spins and giveaways.

Playing online slot games is entertaining but also gives you an opportunity to win big. Players have a variety of slots from the classic slots to revolutionary video slots. There is variation in promotions that assist players bankroll to stretch further.

Players have the option to try out casino bonuses, for example, no deposit bonuses or free spins. This helps players test out different games before committing to their favoured choice. Choosing an online game with exceptional customer service is one-factor players can consider. This ensures their first experience is hassle-free.

Now is time to start the discovery of an exciting online slot gaming experience. You can begin your journey with your first slot site from our recommended list now!

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