Best Poker Podcasts

Now many of you may be wondering “what exactly is a podcast? “, a podcast is similar to a radio station in the way that they both involve speaking into a microphone and broadcasting it to people. It is a way for people to express their views, opinions and just general chit chat from the comfort of their home. It is mainly broadcasted live to viewers, though it can also be recorded and put up for download at a later time. People use many different resources for delivering Podcasts, with the main being YouTube, Twitch or Spotify. Podcasts are able to be viewed on most mobile devices and home PCs or smart TVs.

There are many different types of Podcasts, these include –

  • Video Podcasts – These involve live or prerecorded videos that play alongside the podcast audio.
  • Enhanced Podcasts – Similar to Video Podcasts but instead of videos, they play images alongside it.
  • Political Podcast – As the name suggests, this type of podcast usually includes someone talking about current political happenings and sometimes interviews with politicians.
  • Podcast Novels – This is normally a set of Podcasts that are pre-recorded for release at specific times, most will have these available for download after release.
  • Podguide – This is similar to a guide, it is mainly used by travellers when on a tour in place of a tour guide, and usually involves a prerecorded voiceover and images of the places you will be seeing or going too next.
  • Oggcast – These are Podcasts that are recorded in certain file types (Ogg Vorbis Audio Codec or similar)

Now that you have a brief idea of what a Podcast is, we will go through some of the best Podcasts that are out there for Poker. These are all readily available to listen into or download and are a must for players looking to gain more poker knowledge.

TwoPlusTwo PokerCast

Now, this isn’t really just a Podcast, though there is some Podcast aspect to the site, it is also a great place to gather information on Poker related topics through their forums. It is also apparently one of the biggest and most trustworthy sites that exist when it comes to poker. Players can share their tips and tricks with each other through using the forums. They also have a large range of Poker related books on offer which include well-known titles such as Applications of No-limit Hold’em by Mathew Janada and Real Poker Psychology by Mason Malmuth.

Thinking Poker

This is arguably one of, if not, the best poker podcast there is. Thinking Poker is hosted by two professional poker players, Nate Meyvis and Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, both of which have lots of experience. The Podcast offers something for everyone, from interviews with other professional players to strategies and the news. It is useful for both new players and experienced alike, you will more than likely gain some new knowledge.

Ante Up Podcast

Now, this is probably the oldest poker-related podcast that there is, it opened around 2005/2008. Ante Up was launched by two journalists that had a big interest in Poker, Christopher Cosenza and Scott Long who also founded Poker Media LLC. Due to how long it has been open, they have gained a large following and are very popular amongst poker players. Throughout the Podcasts, they provide a variety of events such as Ante Up Poker Cruise, Ante Up Regional and the Ante Up Set Sail series. Tuning in is a must for anybody looking to gain some new skills and knowledge in Poker.

The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

Red Chip Poker is hosted by fellow gambler, Zac Shaw. He has lots of knowledge in this field and is sure to provide you with some useful information that you won’t find anywhere else. A Podcast from Zac can involve anything from interviews with professional poker coaches to the latest tips and tricks or poker news. Red Chip Poker Podcasts can be listened to via YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, it can also be downloaded to listen to at a later time, which is useful for catching up or taking note of new information.

The Poker Life Podcast

Poker Life is run by host, Joey Ingram (known as ChicagoJoey to some), it is a highly rated podcast with a large fan base and has been going since 2007. It is a great resource for people looking to gain an insight into the real world of Poker. A typical podcast involves interviews with online and Real-life Professionals, with them giving in-depth information on their lives and how they got into poker, how they play etc. Another great aspect of this podcast is the High Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha series, where Joey has a chance to meet up with the world’s best Poker Players. If you like learning about the life of Poker players and how they play then you should definitely tune in to Poker Life.

Are There More Poker Related Podcasts?

There are hundreds of Poker Podcasts out there, we have listed a mere few which we think are the most useful and handy for new and experienced players alike to boost their knowledge. Here are some more Poker oriented podcasts that we think you might like –

  • Jonathan Little Podcasts – Presented by Jonathan Little
  • The Sports Gambling Podcast – Presented by Ben Hayles and Merv Harvey
  • Smart Poker Study Podcast – Presented by Sky Matsuhashi
  • Poker on the Mind Podcast – Presented by Gareth James and Dr Tricia Cardner
  • The Mental Game Podcast – Presented by Jared Tendler

Are there more than just Poker Podcasts?

Absolutely! There are plenty of podcasts out there to choose from, many include things such as horse racing discussions, information and reviews on gambling sites and games, there are also podcasts that solely focus on interviews with players. These are a few to choose from –

  • Sportsmemo Podcast
  • Behind the Bets with Dough Keziran
  • The Sports Gambling Podcast
  • Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That
  • Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

Now that marks the end of the article. Hopefully, you have come across a podcast which is useful and becomes a favourite of yours. Make sure to check them all out to see what is on offer!

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