How to Play Baccarat

While blackjack may still be the more popular table game in any casino, there’s still plenty of worth in learning how to play baccarat.

It’s a game with weighted odds, as always, and the house does have a slight edge – again, as always – but it’s incredible fun once you get into the swing of things.

Once more, it’s straightforward to learn how you play.  It can take time to learn how to win, but practise always makes perfect – and we’re here to point you in the right direction.

How do you Play the Card Game Baccarat?

If you’ve looked at baccarat how to play guides before and have come away a little confused, it’s time we helped to water things down a little.

The most important thing to remember in this card game is that there are two bets and three outcomes:

  • The player bet and the banker bet.
  • The player wins, banker wins, both tie.

Therefore, the nice little twist in play here means you can bet directly on the house representative.  This means that they’re not necessarily going to have the upper hand on you from play to play.

You’ll need to choose a bet, however, before cards can be dealt – meaning that you are effectively placing your eggs in one of two baskets.

How to Play Baccarat and Win

If you’re interested in how to consistently win at baccarat, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with how cards are dealt and what’s to be expected of you in-play.

  • Firstly, your banker will use a ‘shoe’ to slide out one card to the player, and then one card to themselves – both face-up – before doing the same with the second pair of cards. This is known as the first round.
  • The value of cards dealt will then be announced. Bear in mind that all cards up to 9 will be valued on their face amount – and 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings will be worth 0.
  • The value is calculated by either the total if it is less than 10, or the second digit in the total if more than 10 (for example, your value is 5 if your total is 15).
  • The winner of the round is the party who has scored a value closest to 9. For example, if you score a value of 4, and the banker/dealer scores 7, they will win the bet.
  • Natural-baccarat occurs when either the player or the banker scores 8 or 9. All bets are then cashed.
  • You can choose to ‘hit’ if you score between 0 and 5 in your first round. This will offer you a third card to add to your total unless the banker has natural-baccarat.

Learn Baccarat

It’s as simple as that to learn baccarat.  What’s worth remembering is that the third card ‘hit’ can be something of a risk, and it is naturally something you are likely to do if you are betting on the banker.

The banker, however, can score a third card based on various circumstances.  For example, if they have a low value and the player’s third card is high or of no value.

Once you’ve learned, make sure to head over to some baccarat sites and start online.

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat rules can vary from casino to casino.  There are various ways to play the game, though anyone learning the rules of the game should, of course, stick with the basic system detailed here and take minimal risks.

A great way to practice is to get into online games and to try your luck in live casinos.  The more daring players may even try card counting.

What is Online Baccarat?

Online baccarat is basically the standard game, but it is online!

It is played with 8 decks of cards which are shuffled after each hand. Four cards are dealt. The first and third cards are given to the player and the second and fourth go to the banker.

Where can I Play Baccarat?

Here is a list of places you can play baccarat:

  • At your local casino
  • Play online baccarat
  • At home

How to Win at Baccarat

Knowing how to win at baccarat is easy, but putting it into practice is a little bit different. Obviously, you will need to be aware of the baccarat strategies and odds. Find out about the baccarat odds here.

Every deal will be different – and as such, you are going to need to value each set of circumstances as they arise.  Why not practice at home?

Learn to Play Baccarat

If you’re aiming to learn to play baccarat and to master it eventually, we hope our guide has been a good stepping stone in your journey.

You can count cards in baccarat and employ a variety of different strategies to really turn the tables – but remember, you’re never, ever guaranteed to win!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to baccarat, why not have a look at some of our frequently asked questions?

Is Baccarat a Game of Skill?

Baccarat is not a game of skill. The game is entirely made of luck.

Is there any Strategy to Baccarat?

The strategy to baccarat is to bet with the banker.

Betting on the bank generally gives a house edge of just 1.06%, whereas tie bets offer a 14.36% edge to the house.

What is the Best Bet in Baccarat?

The best bets in Baccarat are as follows:

  • Betting on the banker’s hand – This only offers a 1.06% advantage to the house.
  • Betting on the player’s hand – Here you can save 5% house commission on the banker’s bet.

We do not recommend the tie bet.

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