Live Blackjack

Online casinos are always bringing in new games and new features to appeal to the masses, and live games are a recent addition – live blackjack allows you to not only play the popular game of 21 with a real dealer, you’ll even be able to play alongside real people.

Do you know how many sites in 2024 offer live blackjack?

Best Live Blackjack Sites

From our research we have found the best live blackjack sites

    Live Online 21 Sites

    All from the comfort of your own phone or PC – can that really be beaten for an authentic casino experience?  Short of actually going to Vegas, probably not.

    Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino and card games of all time.  Play against a live dealer with your own, completely randomised deck.  Try not to go over 21 if you can help it – as if you do, you’ll go bust.

    Try and stick or twist when you think the time is right – and pray that the dealer doesn’t hit 21 themselves!

    Playing in real time brings the game to a whole new level.  Playing with other punters and with a live-dealer is great fun, and it’s fantastic news that there are more opportunities to try online blackjack in real time than ever before.

    We’ve set up this guide and have rounded up the best blackjack sites offering live-play right now for you to sample and enjoy.

    Live Blackjack Online

    There’s plenty of reasons why you’ll want to get into live blackjack online.  For one thing, it’s that little bit different from blackjack emulations you’ve likely to have played a thousand times before.

    However, if you’re just getting started in live-gaming, here are a few more reasons why we think getting into this new style of card game.

    • Get the feeling and atmosphere of a real casino – from your own home
    • Play real casino games – including blackjack – from your mobile, and on the go
    • Get an added feeling of realism and randomisation to your play
    • Every game is different – different dealers, different players – a new experience every time
    • Some games allow for extravagant blackjack bets and twists on the game you wouldn’t otherwise get in virtual games

    Therefore, why not give it a go?

    Play Live Blackjack

    Play live blackjack and you’ll gain a new appreciation for what is easily the most prolific casino card game on the planet.  Many online casino gamers feel that virtual blackjack can feel a little too straightforward.

    While all the casinos we list and support offer genuinely randomised outcomes and genuine chances for you to win big, many players may feel that there’s nothing quite like live or real life gaming when it comes to getting bigger chances of winning.

    These games put you right in the middle of the action, meaning that it often feels like you’re really there – the best providers support a range of sites and brands, many of which we’ve listed here.

    You may even be able to get your hands on a few promotional offers – simply see which welcome deals and bonus codes are on offer from the brand before you get started.

    Live Dealer Blackjack

    Live dealer blackjack games are available at a wide variety of casinos and gaming sites.  These games are presented to you in full HD, meaning that you can get a look at the real cards you are being offered even from the relative smallness of a mobile screen.

    These sites may revolve around 6, 7 or 8 decks of cards for play, meaning that even if you’re used to one particular way of playing the game, it is always worth checking into the various rules which come attached.

    As mentioned, there are several ways of playing 21 – and the last thing you want to do is get mixed up and lose cash!

    Live Blackjack Casino Tables

    Why get into live blackjack casino tables?  For one thing, it’s the closest experience you’ll get outside of physically visiting a casino yourself.

    Tables available on a live basis will also allow for several players like yourself to seat up and play with others, meaning that you may even be able to start playing alongside six other blackjack fans for the ultimate casino experience.  This means that you will all be able to bet your hands before turning to the dealer.

    When side bets and extra features get involved, things get that little bit more interesting – which could mean extra money for you in the long run!  Take a look at options and features available from game to game to see what’s available to you.

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    Live Blackjack Real Money

    While there are opportunities for you to play online for free, live blackjack real money opportunities are likely to be more common.

    You may be able to play live-games with the help of bonus credits, which means it is always worth keeping an eye on welcome bonus deals and VIP opportunities which could pop up along the way.

    These games can be found at a range of online casinos including Blackjack Gala and much more.

    Play for real money with real people, real dealers and real cards – what’s not to like?  Virtual blackjack emulations are all well and good – but sometimes, it pays to get real.

    Live Black Jack

    Live black jack generally follows the same rules of the game we all know and love.  This means that, before you get started, the old terms will come into play:

    • Hit, or Twist – when you need more cards to add to your total
    • Stand, or Stick – when you want to keep your card total and let the dealer play
    • Push – this happens when both hands are of equal value – and no one wins
    • Bust – this is what happens when you go over 21 in total
    • Split – You can sometimes split your hand in two if you draw two cards of identical value

    Live Blackjack No Deposit Bonus

    One of the best ways to get into a real game is to check if there are live blackjack no deposit bonus deals live.  Many of the sites and casinos we list here will support free bonus cash for players looking to get into the live scene – so take a look and see!

    A-Z List Of Casino Games

    We have compiled a full list of online casino games for you below and you will find some of your favourite games to play in 2024:

    Each link takes you through to a page which lists the best casino brands to deposit with giving amazing welcome offer bonuses.

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