Roulette Bet Types

While it is completely reasonable to believe that online roulette is one of the simplest games available in any casino, there are actually more bets and types of wager available than you may imagine.

With this in mind, what types of bets are there?  What are those most reliable chances to take, and which are most likely to see you receive big returns for your investment?  Let’s take a closer look.

The main bets we will look at include:

  • Red or black
  • Evens and odds
  • High/Low
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • Six-lines
  • Squares
  • Streets
  • Splits
  • Straights

But what are the main differences between these market and betting types?

Red or Black Roulette

Red or black is perhaps the simplest form of bet on the table.  The numbers on the wheel are split into colours, evenly into red and black – with the zero reserved for the elusive green space.

A red or black bet is essentially, therefore, a 50/50 bet – a safe chance to take for some punters, but then again, there is always the chance that you will come away losing.

Betting Even Odd Roulette

Betting even odd is even more of a straight 50/50, as it takes into account the green zero.  This type of bet is straight down the middle.

If the ball lands on an even number and you’ve betted odds, you lose out – meaning that it’s a straight coin flip as to whether or not you’ll come away a winner.  In any case, it’s another ‘safe’ punt for many seasoned fans.

High Low Roulette

High low roulette bets are another type of ‘outside’ bet – in that they take place across large groups of numbers and selections.  With high or low, you are betting on whether or not the ball will land on a number lower or higher than 19 (inclusive).

Therefore, you are working with two groups – 1 to 18, and 19 to 36.  It’s another 50/50 style bet which is a nice little in-road into the game.

Dozens Betting Roulette

Dozens betting roulette is where things start to get a little more interesting.  In this type of bet, you are no longer picking from a choice of two, but a choice of three.

The numbers on the board are split into three dozens.  With this market, all you will have to do is choose which of the three dozens will play host to the ball’s final number.

It’s an easy bet to take, and one which carries more lucrative odds than your red or black strategy. Make sure you think about online roulette strategies before placing any bets.

Column Bet Roulette

Column bets are similar to dozens betting in that you are effectively picking one from a field of three, so the odds remain the same.

This outside bets will allow you to choose from one of the three columns of numbers available.  Once again, if the ball lands on a number in the wheel which resides within your column, you take away the money.

6 Line Bet Roulette

6-line bet is where things start to get a little more intricate.  In this type, you’ll bet on two lines which are adjacent to each other by placing your chip on the corner which intersects both lines you are betting on.

Top Line Bet Roulette

Top line bet is fairly niche, though it can deliver serious returns if you are including it alongside other punts.  With this bet, you are betting on either 0, 1, 2 or 3 will land after the spin.  This means you are picking a genuine minority on the grid.

It’s a popular choice for seasoned players, and as mentioned, it is a great way to boost your bets if you fancy diversifying.  It is otherwise known as basket bet, and when playing to US standards, the 00 is included.

Square Bet Roulette

Square bet roulette revolves around you placing chips on the shared corner between four numbers.  As with top line or basket bets, you are effectively predicting that one of four numbers will come out of the spin.  This type of betting is also referred to as the corner, depending upon who you place bets with.

Street Betting Roulette

Street betting is a little more flexible, and the odds are even more lucrative than square and basket bets.  In this type of market, you can expect to place your chips on a line of three consecutive numbers on the board, for example, 25, 26 and 27.

Once again, this can be a daring bet to make on its own, meaning that it is widely used as an add-on punt to safer options such as red or black.  Part of the fun lies in the fact that you can place so many different bets at once.

Split Bet Roulette

Split bet roulette takes things even further, by reducing your choice to two numbers on the board.  Once again, your choices are going to need to be adjacent, and you can pick from any two on the table which share a line.

So, for example, placing a chip directly between 2 and 3 will count as a split bet.  It’s wise to counter this type of betting with a safer outside market such as evens and odds – unless, of course, you are feeling particularly lucky.

However, it is not the tightest outcome on the table.

Straight Up Bet Roulette

Straight up bets are the riskiest way of playing the game, though the roulette odds are lucrative enough to warrant a massive win if you feel lucky enough.  With these bets, you are picking a solitary number from the board.

Therefore, the odds are truly against you, making it an ideal chance to take alongside a number of safer markets we have already looked at.

The bets you choose are entirely down to your tastes – how lucky are you feeling?  From straight bets to odds and evens, there’s a world of choice.

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