Slingo Shuffle Roulette

Interested in playing on an exciting game mixing bingo and slots with roulette in 2024?

Slingo Shuffle Roulette is the perfect fusion of all classic games. If you’re a keen punter, then you will love what this game has in-store.

Best Slingo Shuffle Roulette Sites

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    Play Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slots Online

    This unique game incorporates a multitude of fun and fast excitement. There will be plenty of twists and turns as you try your luck against the dealer.

    It is safe to say that if this is your first time here, you wouldn’t have experienced this type of game before.

    Play with different bonuses, chances to win big and also avoid the devil cards. In this review, we give you a clearer picture of the game and whether or not you should find a promotion and enjoy Slingo Shuffle Roulette.

    Generally, slingo is a simple combination of both slots and bingo. This game on the other hand, implements a long list of different games. It has aspects that embody the likes of blackjack, roulette, slots and more.

    If you want to play this game, then you will be glad to know that it widely accessible at all of the top casinos. Find it by simply using the links that we have found and placed on this page.

    How to Play Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slots

    It is an easy game to understand for new and experienced players alike. Although it is very different to regular slingo games. It has a mixture of rules and you will need to aim to match cards.

    When starting, choose the stake as it cannot be changed in between the game.

    Playing is simple, pick the cards and number that you believe will come in on the next spin. You are then rewarded depending on how many you get right.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Single Cards- If you find one card that matches your selection, then you win.
    • Two cards in a row- Two cards in a row will pay more, they need to be adjacent selections.
    • Four cards in a row- Get four cards adjacent to each other.
    • Group of numbers- Match up the numbers.
    • Complete Suits- Collect the entire suit for a good payout.
    • Joker- If the joker is drawn first, you win.

    Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slot Free Spins No Deposit

    As an avid punter, it is important to say on the lookout for the latest deals. New players are often privy to some incredible deals.

    Find casinos on this page and if you are yet to sign-up, then we implore you to take advantage of any welcome promotions that are going.

    Free spins and no deposit bonuses are great ways to trial games. Find this game on a site that provides a generous promotion.

    Interactive Features

    There are lots of elements to this fun game. Find different features including the symbols and ways to win that we already discussed. What’s more, you can unravel jokers and other wilds in the game.

    One feature you want to avoid is the devil or cherub. You will have cards facing down and if you pick a red devil the game is over. You have a good chance of remaining in the game, so be careful.

    Free spins, instant wins and other bonuses are all available.

    Paylines and Stakes

    Slot games come with paylines and winning lines, as you can imagine, this game is slightly different. There are certainly aspects that are reminiscent of slots, but they have their differences.

    That is why there aren’t any paylines. Read on for more information on staking, bonuses and more.

    • Grid- 5×5
    • 14 spins
    • Paylines- 0
    • Bonus- Wild, Instant Wins, Free Spins.

    Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slot on Mobile Phone

    Play from a device of your choice. Slingo Shuffle Roulette is now available to play from your phone.

    You don’t need to download, all that’s required is an internet browser. Visit the casino that hosts the game and it will load a mobile-version. The HTML automatically converts accordingly.

    Play from your smart phone, tablet or other devices.

    Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slot Graphics Design

    The colourful graphics and stand-out cards add to the game. Yet, there’s no real need for complex or vibrant graphics. The game is basic and straightforward images are needed.

    It is nice on the eye, simple to understand and you can access everything you need.

    Other Roulette Sites to Play

    Check out some more Roulette brands and offers below.


    It may sound complex overall, but once you begin to play you will grasp it with ease. It is a combination of all the greatest games from card games to roulette. It is the perfect slingo fusion.

    Aim to match cards with what is revealed during each roulette spin. Also check out the different features and other parts of the game play.


    It may not be apparent to all users, but software is a huge part of a good online game. It affects how it runs and how simple it is to work. We are constantly analysing software and the software providers.

    Slingo Shuffle Roulette was created by Slingo Originals, a forever growing brand that have a range of different slingo games.

    After trialling this particular game of theirs, we were impressed with the gameplay. Super-simple to understand and it is a seamless game with no hassle.

    Slingo Shuffle Roulette Slots RTP Review

    RTP refers to the return to player and is something that all new players should check beforehand. We like to find 95% RTP as a minimum for slots but often slingo has lower percentages than that.

    We have some great news- Slingo Shuffle Roulette actually has a 96.7% RTP. A feat for a game of this kind. It is a fantastic slots RTP, that offers you a bigger chance of seeing a return.

    It is key to note that the RTP does vary depending on the type of bet. Due to the type of game, it can change throughout.

    Here’s further information on the RTP: Straight| 1| 96.7% Split| 2| 95.0% Corner| 4| 93.6% Street| 4|93.3% Suit| 8| 91.7% Colour| 16| 92.4% Joker| 15| 92.3% Poker| 3000| 61.8%.sS

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