Three Card Poker Rules

3 card poker is an interesting twist on what remains one of the most fiercely competitive card games on the planet.

Three card poker rules help to bring the popular game to the casino table, in the sense that much of the pomp and circumstance of the wider game is watered down into a bitesize and speedy set of scenarios.

The idea of 3 card brag, or 3 card poker, is that the simple elements of the game at large are repackaged into a casino format to be played alongside other standards such as blackjack, craps or roulette.

Before you get started at any given online casino, it’s worth bearing in mind the basic three card poker rules.  While you will largely be able to play for free before you cast too much of your own cash in, isn’t it a good idea to get yourself acquainted with a game before you get too involved?

Each and every game can be that little bit different, especially when it comes to live poker – meaning that there’s never been a better time to start looking at the play basics as well as a few tips on how to get that competitive edge.

Three Card Game Rules

Three card game rules revolve around the simple premise of any and all players competing directly against the house.  With this in mind, you are playing a game alongside a main dealer – one who is playing on behalf of the house – and you’re only ever going to be making up hands with 3 cards at a time.

It’s an inventive and modern way for you to try your poker playing skills at something a little different – and as you are effectively playing against the house as well as others, on a live or emulated basis, the game has just gotten that little bit more intense.

The casino is always playing to win – which means knowing the rules and the basics before you get started is only ever going to be in your favour.  Why go in blind?

3 Card Brag Rules

3 card brag rules are deceptively simple – here is a brief breakdown of what to expect:

  • All bets are taken, before players receive 3 cards each, which remain hidden to all other players.
  • Players can now bet or fold. If they wish to fold, they are out of the game – this usually happens if you have a bad hand – betting must, therefore, take place if you have equal or higher to the previous player’s wager – and this keeps continuing round the table until only a maximum of two players remain.
  • You can pay to see the other player’s hand at this point, though this will cost double your bet – and if your hand is better, you must prove it. If equal or worse, you can fold.
  • The winner is the last player standing, or, in the event of a draw, the player who hasn’t paid to see the other’s cards.

If you are unsure how to play 3 card brag online you’ll be able to find instructions and people to help you when you join a site. You can also find plenty of promo codes and bonuses from the various sites to help make the most of your money.

Three Card Brag Rules

The above three card brag rules apply generally – but, as stated, you’ll largely be playing against a dealer when playing online.

Other players can line up at the table and play against the dealer, too – but unlike larger games of poker under standardised rules and conditions, the 3 card approach at online casinos is largely to see you compete against the house.  This may make things a little more intensive, but no less fun.

There’s also plenty of chances for you to win big off the back of premium bets and wagers, too, meaning that this is a game which you can genuinely diversify to your advantage.

It’s also worth remembering that, in this game, you are more or less playing a table game over a poker game – while it holds many of the same rules and traits of out-and-out poker classics, you are playing one-on-one with the dealer most of the time.

For one thing, due to the limited number of cards in your hand, you’re going to find that holding a straight is more valuable than holding a flush.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

There are normally three different bets you can make at a poker table – all of which can come into play fairly early on when learning how to play 3 card poker altogether.

  • The Ante bet – your basic bet
  • The Play bet – if you ‘fold’ your Ante bet, you forfeit it – but if you choose to ‘play’, you need to match it
  • The PairPlus bet – PairPlus bets allow you to claim extra winnings if you make a 3 card poker containing a pair or greater.

We will look at winning hands in more detail in a dedicated guide – but you can expect straight flushes, three of a kinds and straights to be your most valuable hands if you’re punting with your PairPlus.

Essentially, the three bet types allow you to make your move in what remains a very strategic game – online guides will likely go into much more detail, but if you already know the basics of poker, you are already more than 75% of the way there.

3 Card Rules

3 card rules for online and table play allow you to bring your poker a-game to a one-on-one standoff.  It’s amazingly intense at times, especially in the live casino arena!  Check out the best sites currently offering live 3 card poker.

How to Play Three Card Poker and Win

Many players will ask how to play 3 card poker and win – it’s about strategy, and even about luck.  Take a look at our quick rundown of strategies, but in the meantime, brush up on three card poker rules!

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