When should you hit or stay in Blackjack?

Knowing whether you should hit or stay in blackjack is the aim of the game.  It’s a make or break situation which could make all the difference.

Twisting, or hitting, is when you draw another card to add to your total.  Standing, staying or sticking is when you decide to keep your total as it is.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best opportunities available in the game, as well as offer some advice on what you should do in the game’s stickiest situations.

We will already assume you know the basic rules of blackjack – so let’s move right ahead!

Blackjack Hit or Stand Chart

Using a blackjack hit / stand chart is a great idea to get started, whether you are playing online black jack or in a casino.  These tables will let you know what your odds are of winning should you draw a certain total and your dealer another.

It’s not always easy to know when you should hit or stay in blackjack, though a table will help to break it down a little further for you.  Wins aren’t guaranteed, however!

Blackjack 21 Hit or Stick

Some people use things like card counting in black jack, but you don’t have to do that to do well in the game.

The main problem facing blackjack players is whether to go for blackjack 21 hit/stick – especially when they have a particularly high total.  Imagine drawing a 16 or 17.

What would you do?  Ultimately, there is no telling which cards will come next, though the difference between a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ hand could point you in the right direction.

  • A soft hand is one which carries an Ace. Aces are treated as high, and worth 11, but can devalue to 1 if you choose to hit for another card.
  • A hard hand is the opposite. This means that you have a combination of cards in your hand whose value will not change regardless of your next play.

Blackjack Hit or Stand

Looking to make the right move is a difficult call.  It’s fairly easy when you have a low hand or a brilliant one (for example, will you really take your chances on a hand of 20 for the sake of scoring a blackjack?).

The odds are already against you – and the risks you take will reward you handsomely if you were right to follow them.

Should You Always Hit Soft 17?

Always hit on a soft 17.  This means your hand returns to a value of 8 for your next card, meaning the chance for you to score blackjack increases.

You should always stand on a soft 18 – 21, however – as the odds against you will increase.

Do Dealers Have to Hit on 16?

Generally, yes – though it may vary from casino to casino.  Dealers must generally hit if they draw an initial hand of 16, and stand if they score 17 or more.

Some casinos up this rule to 17.  All dealers are bound by these rules.

Should I Hit on 16?

Regardless of what your dealer has, your risks of busting are the same – and they’re high in this scenario.  If your dealer has a high hand, you should probably stick – but it’s all down to how lucky you feel.

There’s a chance you’ll pull a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 out of the deck.

Hit or Stay Blackjack

Hit or stay blackjack games can get rather intense, which is why it’s worth brushing up on some of the more common scenarios and tight spots before you play.

Do You Hit a 16 When the Dealer Shows 10?

If a dealer draws a high hand of 10 or more, you stand a good chance of winning if you choose to stick.  However, there’s just no telling which cards will come next out of that deck.

Hitting a 16 makes sense if it’s soft, however – when it’s hard, it’s less of an easy play to call.

Do You Hit a 13 Against a 2?

This is a tricky play to call, and one which is commonly mishandled.  At this point, only four cards could bust you – therefore, the odds are perhaps in your favour.

Basic probability dictates that it is worth hitting a 13 against a 2, or even a 3.

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