Roulette Odds

Roulette may seem to be one of the most straightforward and simplified casino games and staples out there, but you may well be surprised to learn that roulette odds 2024 are amongst the most intricate and interesting available to casino fans today.

There are many online roulette games available to play on, which are fair and safe.

If you are interested in wagering serious, regular money on roulette games, it is highly recommended that you take a close look at the odds before you get started.  While the game is very easy to get started with, it’s worth remembering that some markets will demand greater risk from your money.

There are short and long odds, long shots and definite outside chances involved – you won’t ever be guaranteed to get solid cash back out unless you are smart about what you are betting on!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular odds on the table – quite literally.  It’s a game which courts casual and professional players alike – meaning that it’s a diversifying experience for all comers.

Roulette Table Odds

The main roulette table odds available both online and in physical casinos revolve around the types of bet you place.

On the table, you will traditionally find numbers between 0 and 36 – meaning that you can find yourself betting on groups of these numbers, or even specific ones outright if you’re feeling particularly lucky!

The main types of bet you will find on the table are as follows:

  • Red or Black
  • Evens or Odds
  • High or Low
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • Baskets or Top Lines
  • Six-Lines
  • Squares
  • Street Bets
  • Split Bets
  • Straight Up Bets

These types will request that you place money or chips on a selection of numbers, meaning that odds will vary from choice to choice.  In this guide, we will be taking a close look at what you can expect.

Roulette Wheel Odds

Roulette wheel odds will vary, as there’s truly never telling where the ball will land from spin to spin!  With this in mind, you may wish to take an outside chance on some shorter markets, or you may wish to play it safe by splitting things right down the middle.

These can be found on new roulette sites along with older ones. Majority of sites are fair and easy to sign up to, but make sure they are part of the UK Gambling Commission before signing up.

For 50/50– or as close as possible, your best opportunity is to select a red or black number coming out of the spin.  As the majority of the numbers on the board are split between the colours, you can assume that this is a fairly safe bet to make.  That’s not always the case – it’s a straight coin flip!

Similarly, though without the threat of the green zero popping up to ruin your fun, you can place your chips on odd or even numbers, or on higher or lower – meaning, with the latter, that you predict whether or not the number the ball will finally land on will be more or less than 19.

Beyond these markets, the chances of you picking up cash in 2024 do get a little bit tighter – which means they are likely better reserved for those who are a little more confident in their punting abilities.

Roulette Odds Payout

Roulette odds payout will vary from game to game and will depend entirely upon the types of bet you put forward.  For the more straightforward, 50/50 we discussed above, you will expect odds of around 1/1, or 48.6% depending upon the green zero.

Payouts get a little trickier when you start looking at column and dozen bets.  With these markets, you are betting on which of the three columns or three dozens on the table you think will include the drawing number.

That’s around 2/1, and a payout chance of 32.4%.  Your odds are stacked a little more against you, but the amount of money you could stand to receive increases substantially.

For number combinations that follow square, split, straight and other roulette bet types, your chances of getting paid decrease even further, and the amount of money you could win increases.  For example – with a straight bet – you could expect 35/1.

That means you have 2.7% chance of winning.  This market relies upon you picking a number outright to win – which could be a huge risk!

Roulette Odds Red Black

Many people prefer the roulette odds red black games offer as they can be seen as the safest punts on the board.  It’s still a coin flip, of course, but for many people, going 50/50 is more appealing than going 1/35.

There’s still a chance you’ll get the dreaded green zero in this type of bet, too, however – so you’re going to seriously need to weigh your options when it comes to taking to the table.

Red or black betting can be a nice little buffer if you are making shorter bets elsewhere on the table.

Roulette Odds Chart

Do take a look at a comprehensive roulette odds chart if you are unsure of what may be expected from you when you first punt at the table.  Go all the way down to a straight-up where you pick a number outright, or all the way up to even/odd and red/black – it’s entirely your choice.

One of the best reasons to get involved with roulette betting 2024 both online and offline is the fact that you can place several chips on several different markets at once in one play.  Therefore, you could stand to double up on your winnings in a big way!

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Roulette Odds Calculator

Another great way to understand what to expect from the table before you play is to make use of a fantastic roulette odds calculator.

This will help you to understand what your potential return could be from punt to punt, and could offer you serious confidence when it comes to making the call on those tighter bets.

You can find a table of results here.

There’s every reason you should diversify when it comes to making a play or two on the wheel – and you can do so online.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on Roulette Odds 2024 and hope you learned something to use in your next roulette game.

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